WOW Super Ducky 3P towable

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WOW Super Ducky 3P towable

The kids are going to love this towable! The custom, deluxe deck tube features two design themes, a secure saddle seat as well as a large, wing-shaped deck area for one to three riders to sit, stand, kneel, or lay down on. Each side of the winged-shaped deck area has custom winged-shaped EVA foam body pads and a side bumper system built on the edges to keep riders from falling off when the ride gets extreme. Bring back memories from your childhood or create some new ones for your kids with this tube from WOW.


  • 1-3 rider secure saddle seating with towing capacity of 510 Ibs. (231 kg)

  • Custom soft tail shape secure saddle seating with EVA foam riding pad

  • Side bumper system to keep riders on tube when ride gets extreme

  • Large EVA foam body pads

  • Heavy-duty, wide-webbed, 3-point tow system construction 

  • Multiple Riding Positions: Sit, lay, stand, or kneel

  • Built-in molded EZ TOW CONNECTOR for EZ tow point hookups

  • Dimensions Inflated: 86" x 74" (218 x 188 CM)

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